Scarlet Treatment

Scarlet is a new technology that delivers fractional radio-frequency (RF) directly into the dermis through micro-needle electrodes. It is used to stimulate collagen formation in order to improve saggy skin, wrinkles, acne scars, large pores and stretchmarks. What it treats? Saggines of the face Wrinkles Acne scars Large pores Stretchmarks How is it administered? Using […]

Spectra Treatment

Spectra treatment is extremely effective as you will notice considerable results after the first treatment. The treatment will rejuvenate your skin providing you with remarkable improvement of the skin tone and texture. Benefits of Spectra treatment Skin rejuvenation, it improves the texture, clarity and overall appearance of the skin. Hair Bleaching, convenient and effective solution […]

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

The treatment, Platelet-Rich Plasma, is gaining in popularity for the same reasons celebrities chose it: because of its organic nature. It uses plasma taken form the patient’s own blood instead of chemicals injected into the body. The possibility of side effects is practically nonexistent because the body is unlikely to reject its own blood. What […]