International Aesthetic Medical Centre Our latest addition to our wide range of services, Slimming, uses the latest technology of combining Radio Frequency and Ultrasound to target different depths of tissue fat whilst also being able to tighten the skin. With our new slimming machine, we are able to target large areas on your body as […]

Cosmetic Dentistry

International Aesthetic Medical Centre In today’s cosmopolitan life your smile reveals more than your state of mind. Your smile can take you a long way and is one of the best accessories you can flaunt. And with the expertise of a team of professionals at International Aesthetic Medical Centre, you can also show off your […]

Skin Care

International Aesthetic Medical Centre Anti-aging Aging signs can be unexpectedly shown around the face and neck area from mid-20’s to early 30’s. Aging signs starts to appear from the area around the eyes, nasolabial folds (laugh line) and jaw line which gradually changes shape as it begins to lose its elasticity with aging. Various anti-aging […]

Laser Hair Removal

International Aesthetic Medical Centre Our state-of-the-art. Permanent Hair Reduction laser machines are designed to permanently reduce unwanted hair. Hair reduction may be achieved by a variety of laser and light-based systems; Diode laser, GENTLE YAG Laser, Cynosure and GENTLE MAX PRO Laser. What it treats? Permanent hair reduction for different parts of the body. […]

Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery

International Aesthetic Medical Centre Our experts in the field of aesthetic and reconstructive surgery in the International Aesthetic Medical Centre provide complete care to our patients. Our passion lies in restoring confidence through rebuilding and refinement. Making every patient a number-one priority and improved quality of life. Why International Aesthetic Medical Centre Clinical Excellence Our […]