International Aesthetic Medical Centre

Our state-of-the-art. Permanent Hair Reduction laser machines are designed to permanently reduce unwanted hair.

Hair reduction may be achieved by a variety of laser and light-based systems; Diode laser, GENTLE YAG Laser, Cynosure and GENTLE MAX PRO Laser.

What it treats?

Permanent hair reduction for different parts of the body.


Minimal to none

Side effects:

A sensation of warm and mild redness may be experienced. This will usually disappear after 2 – 24 hours. Skin becomes sensitive to the sun, so wearing sun block is advisable.

Results in

Due to the cyclical properties of hair growth, permanent hair reduction can be achieved with a series of treatments at regular intervals.

Result last for:

Laser hair removal for face may require more sessions. As a final result you can expect 80-85%.